Advanced e-textiles for firefighters and civilian victims

Smart Textiles and Their Application

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Prof. Annalisa Bonfiglio

DIEE, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

University of Cagliari

and CNR-INFM S3, Modena

phone: +39 070 6755764

fax: +39 070 6755782



Project FP6-2004-IST-4-026987

Focusing on textile-based MicroNano technologies within a communicating framework, the ProeTEX 6th Framework IST Integrated Project is developing textile and fibre based integrated smart wearables for emergency disaster intervention personnel with a goal of improving their safety, coordination and efficiency anadditional systems for injured civilians aimed at optimising their survival management. This focused application area will drive a wide range of key technology developments to create micro-nano-engineered smart textiles - integrated systems (fabrics, wearable garments) using specifically textile-based micro-nano technologies. These developments will feed through to a wide range of other markets from extreme sports, through healthcare to transportation maintenance and building workers.



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